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Gym Tales – Part Deux

Longtime readers of this blog (who am I kidding here?) may remember my previous attempts to join a gym and commence a healthier lifestyle. The result of the experiment was that when exercising solo, my motivation leaves a great deal to be desired.

Fast forward several years and I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being able to join a gym very close to my workplace once again. Unfortunately, that gym happens to be Fitness First, for which I have heard unflattering things, mainly pertaining to their reluctance to let you go after you decide you no longer want to continue with them. That aside (and because they happen to be across the street from work), I’ll give them a try for a month and see what the results are like.

They asked us today, during the discussion about the fitness program to use, how we would rate ourselves in terms of fitness currently, on a scale of one to ten. I can honestly answer that my current rating would be two or three, but I have willingness to get in shape again, and that is what counts.

More gym based tales to follow. Hopefully I won’t regret this.

2 thoughts on “Gym Tales – Part Deux

  1. The only advice is can give you is not to stop. Once you get hooked on to it, you will keep on going, however, if you take a break, it’s almost impossible to go back again… Trust me, I am still on my break from last year 🙂

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